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What Makes Devika Sadar Bazaar The Best Commercial Property in NCR

Commercial real estate is a fast-growing vertical, especially in the NCR locality. This is because of the industrial sourcing that has got a lot of businesses to invest in the region, causing a lot of growth and employment. Devika Sadar Bazaar is one of the commercial projects in NCR, which has gained the attention of numerous businesses. There are many reasons why Devika Group has invested in making Devika Sadar Bazaar and it has become the best commercial property in NCR, a few of them are mentioned below:

  1. Low-cost maintenance:
    Investing in commercial properties can be tedious because of the maintenance cost that usually comes along with them. Devika Sadar Bazaar is a low-cost maintenance property to invest in, demanding a less hectic management of funds after the investment. When compared to the returns that it gives, this makes it an incomparable quality as you can focus on the other aspects of your investment.

  2. Modern Amenities:
    The current trends of commercial property require many modern amenities to ensure the businesses that invest in it, run smoothly. Devika Group studies these requirements and has induced them in the Devika Sadar Bazaar such as an organized Showroom, Cafe & Restaurant, Proper Parking Area, Hygienic & Secure, Round-the-Clock Security, 100% Power Backup, 3 Tier Security System, Allotted Area for Food & Beverages, Modern and Efficient Design, Organized Multi-level Parking, and much more.
  • Seamless Connectivity:
    A commercial property that has connectivity from all parts of the city or the locality it is in is better preferred. Devika Sadar Bazaar gives excellent connectivity. It is 1.7 km from New Delhi Railway Station,2.1 from Old Delhi Railway Station, 3.1 km from Connaught Place, 5.5 km from Red Fort, Hygienic & Secure, and 16 km from IGI Airport.

  • Assured business growth:
    Any commercial property gets more attention which can promise the business turnover to increase for organizations to put their respective outlets there. Devika Sadar Bazaar ensures a market footfall of 1 lakh per day that increases by 30% in the festive seasons. Sadar Bazaar consists of numerous smaller markets, including Pratap, Swadeshi, and Teliwara or Timber. The market not only deals in household goods but also various other items such as toys, imitation jewelers, and stationery.

  • Developers Reputation:
    Devika Group is an establishment that has been in the market since 1954 and has created numerous projects along with townships that have resulted in the reputation they have today. This reputation not only helps the businesses with goodwill amongst the people who entrust in Devika Group’s name. Along with this, the business can get assured growth through the reputation as a sure shot.

In conclusion, an investment in any commercial property is a lifetime experience. Devika Sadar Bazaar is amongst the oldest markets that have grown over the period in terms of modernity and the requirements of the people today. The investments you make in Devika Sadar Bazaar will be rewarding in many ways. Above all, Devika Sadar Bazaar is one of the biggest wholesale markets in Asia, from local traders to tourists Sadar Bazaar is crowded all year round.